Axe The Fax – Notification of Change

CSCL is making changes in the way we communicate with referrers. This is in response to the June 2019 Ministry of Health and Accident Compensation Commission joint communique defining secure communication within the New Zealand health sector, specifically in regards to email and faxing. 

Read the Ministry Directive here

Key Dates
30.09.20 Ordering of consumables by fax stops
02.11.20Collection centres stop receiving faxed request forms
30.11.20 All Referrers should have provided CSCL with email address details
10.12.20 All faxing systems at CSCL will be disconnected

We have developed solutions to replace Faxing to Order Consumables, Faxing Laboratory Request Forms, and Faxing of Results.

Read more about these solutions here.

For any questions, or to set up an email address to replace a previous fax number, please email: