Upgrades to our Laboratory Information System

From July 2nd, Canterbury SCL will be going live with upgrades to its Laboratory Management System (LMS). This is part of a nationwide initiative that will refresh our existing LMS. Not only does this upgrade make for a more robust system, but it also standardises test names, codes, comments, and reference ranges across the country.

Three main changes

Referrers are not required to take any actions as a result of the LMS upgrade; however they can expect to notice three main changes when it comes to resulting:

  • The cumulation of some results in Medtech will reset with different test names. Cumulation will start again with the new test names. All previous results will still appear in your PMS as usual. 
  • There are some comment changes. This is the result of our clinical teams reviewing ALL current comments and selecting the most appropriate comments to bring into the new system
  • In some instances, you will notice minor changes to values,decimal points and reference ranges. Again, these changes come after a review by clinical staff and have been made in order to standardise resulting.

Examples of changes can be found here.

Any further questions can be emailed to cscl.enquiries@sclabs.co.nz