Summary of changes for female genital swab testing

Summary of changes for female genital swab testing, beginning this coming Monday 25th July.

The aim of this intervention is to improve the quality of testing on female genital swabs.

  • All female genital swabs will require clinical details to guide which tests are required. If it is unclear which tests are required on a specimen, a report will be issued and clinical details can be added via email or phone for 48 hours (see details below).
  • BV and candidiasis will be diagnosed by Gram stain only (gold standard).
  • Trichomonas will be tested by PCR on request only. (This will need to be specifically requested).
  • Full culture will be provided in a limited number of circumstances if appropriate details are provided (please see communication on 15 July 2022).
  • A revised swab guide has been loaded to our website here.

We thank you for your patience. Clinical details can be sent to the lab via (please note the change from the last communication), or directly phoned through to the lab on (03) 359 0957.

Download the update here.