Frozen sections

Frozen sections

Requests for frozen sections can only be booked in during these hours: between 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please call 027 550 7030 to make a booking and to arrange collection for routine frozen sections during business hours.

We require 30 minutes notice that the frozen section is imminent, to allow us to organise staff to be on standby to collect the specimen.

Canterbury SCL does not offer a 24/7 service for frozen sections, but we do have an on-call pathologist available to deal with unexpected events.

Process summary

1. Book ahead of time by calling the Frozen Section number: 027 550 7030
2. Phone the same number on the day of surgery to confirm that surgery is still going ahead and what time the frozen section is expected
3. Phone again 30 minutes before pick up is required

There are occasions where frozen sections are required to be processed out of normal business hours. These occasions are infrequent (6 – 8 per year) and must be negotiated with Canterbury SCL on an individual basis.

When specimens are not ready at expected times (for example when the surgery schedule is running late), Canterbury SCL will ring the private hospital and enquire about the specimen.

On some occasions, a private surgeon may request a frozen section after hours. In such cases, the requester should always call our 24 hour call centre on 03 359 0900. Call centre staff will contact the on-call pathologist who may either accept the referral, or discuss alternatives with the surgeon.