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Infection Prevention & Control services worldwide, including New Zealand, have been challenged by outbreaks and the emergence of multiple resistant organisms as an increasing cause of nosocomial infections in hospitals, long term care facilities and the community. Infection Prevention & Control procedures and protocols are an important part of healthcare management.

Although the principles of Infection Prevention & Control remain unchanged, evolving knowledge, technologies, equipment, and data require continuous evaluation of current Infection Prevention & Control practices. The nature of general practice, residential patient care and hospital settings may require specific strategies directed to the prevention of transmission of pathogens among healthcare workers, patients and visitors.

Southern Community Laboratories Infection Control Team provides up-to-date advice and guidance on many aspects of Infection Prevention & Control to healthcare facilities.

We are committed to:

  • Responding to your specific individual Infection Prevention & Control requirements
  • Providing education required to run a safe Infection Prevention & Control programme
  • Providing access to our Infection Prevention & Control advisory service when required
  • Outbreak support and expert management advice. Where practicable, we will help you to identify the source and mode of spread of any outbreak, and develop infection prevention techniques with you to minimise this and/or future outbreaks. Follow-up surveillance advice is also provided as required
  • Multi drug resistant organism (MDRO) advice available eg MRSA, ESBL, VRE
  • Fostering the appropriate use of antibiotics only to contain and prevent developing resistance


How Can We Be of Service?


Canterbury SCL is committed to ensuring our Infection Prevention & Control services offer you a partnership in ensuring you have effective procedures in place for helping you manage a safe environment for your practice team, your residents, patients and the community.

Services available to you include:

Continuing Medical Education

  • Customised lectures are available on a wide range of Infection Prevention & Control topics 
  • Infection Prevention & Control education available by relevant specific topic update 
  • Documentation & Audit preparation advice is available prior to certification or accreditation 

Publications and Policy Development Assistance

  • Managing Blood & Body Fluid Exposure Incidents (BBFE) advice & Blood/Body Fluid Exposure Follow-up kits
  • Infection Prevention & Control General Practice Accreditation Guidelines document available by PDF email

Outbreak Event Support - "What do I do now?"

For example: Norovirus, Scabies, MRSA, Influenza, multiply resistant organisms (MRSA, ESBL, VRE) and new novel organism outbreaks (eg SARS, 'swine flu', etc).

Using appropriate standards, guidelines and recommendations your facility will be able to set up, manage and maintain an effective infection control programme. This will include standard precautions, hand hygiene, blood body fluid management, care of the infectious patient, sharps and waste disposal, environmental cleaning, disinfection, sterilisation, linen and laundry, kitchen, specimen collection, and employee health.


Links for Infection Control


Listed below are links to helpful websites that provide supplementary information around Infection Control and patient care:


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Profession resources

Patient Flyers - MRSA, VRE, CL difficile, etc.


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